About Saskia

340911_2341149341289_273541072_oSaskia Layden is a poet and writer from New York. She is currently without a home address and can most often be found following nomadic callings to the countries that have stolen her heart, namely Turkey and Brazil. She sustains her lifestyle by exchanging her skills in yoga instruction, creative writing, and foreign languages for food, shelter, and healthy companionship. She is working on her first novel and a poetry collection and uses the inspiration she receives from her travels and human interactions around the world to communicate the complexities of living as a woman, alone and on the road.

Her published work can be found at www.artparasites.com, The Rising Phoenix Review and travelicious.world:

I Wish It Didn’t Hurt To Be This Kind of Woman

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Thoughts On Leaving The Ones You Love

Lost In Translation: My Silent Alienated Life In Tokyo

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